Homework Policy for Social Studies

Homework is required for every student. You can expect at least 1 hour of homework every night from your classes combined. You will have homework in social studies at least 3 times per week, if not more.


There will be a homework folder that is color-coded for each class group. This is where your homework assignments will be collected AND where you can find out your assignment if you were absent the day before. Each trimester, 2 students will be responsible for helping with homework. One student will collect homework and write down the total number of assignments collected and write down the details of the assignment for anyone who was absent. The other student will be responsible for returning assignments when they are available in the 'return' section.


Homework is an extension of the day and therefore very important to complete. Students will keep track of their homework completion percentage and those with 95% or better will be acknowledged for doing exactly as they are supposed to do. Those students with 100% homework completion each trimester will put their names into a drawing for a fabulously amazing prize :)


I hear this every year and many times I get this because either you were not paying attention in class or you simply didn't do the homework. If at any time you do not understand the homework, all I ask you do is write a complete summary of what we discussed/learning in class. A complete summary would be complete sentences using as much detail as possible to show your understanding or misunderstanding of what we covered. There is now no excuse for not doing your social studies homework!